Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Advice On Buying Your First Guitar

 Many music shops offer guitar package deals to save £££'s.
There has never been so much choice when it comes to buying a guitar these days. Even guitars designed with the beginner in mind have improved in quality to the point that some professionals will use those models as a back up in live performances. Unfortunately, It is still possible to end up with a bad purchase, so I will be giving you the low down on what to look out for when buying your first instrument, and the best places to buy from.

What to avoid:

  • Don't buy guitars from catalogue stores. They won't be set up properly for playing and as a result they can end up costing more. The staff in these places won't have any knowledge of what they are selling you either, so they can't advise you on the best guitar for you. I have taught several students in the past that bought from these places, and they have experienced problems from poor build quality to tuning problems which need to be sorted out by the local guitar repair man/music store.

  • Avoid buying second hand (unless you know someone who has a good experience and knowledge of guitars who can try the guitar out for you and give you their insight.). The reason I give this advice is that unless you already have some experience and understanding of guitars there is a good chance you may buy an instrument that is not suitable for the music you want to play, or worst case, unplayable and beyond repair. If you do have a friend or know someone who is an experienced guitarist then with their advice you can find a suitable instrument and save a bit of money buying pre-owned/second hand.

Where to buy from:

You can buy a good beginner guitar new from about £100.
There are several music stores in Southampton/Hampshire that have experienced and knowledgeable staff that can advise you an instrument that is suited to your budget and the style of music you wish to play. Prices will start from about £100 - £200 for a good beginner instrument that will last you many years. Many stores offer starter packages or bundles including tuner, cable and amplifier to save you money.
Here is a list of local music stores to check out:

Becketts Music
56 Commercial Rd
Southampton. SO15 1GD
02380 224827

Digital Village
St Mary's St. Southampton. SO14 1NR
02380 233444

Music shops will have a good selection of guitars to try outfirst .

Fret Music
11-13 Church St
SO15 5LG
023 8077 4433

The Music Shop
1 Bitterne Road
Southampton. SO18 6AZ
02380 437939

The Guitar Store
64 Commercial Rd. Southampton. SO15 1GD
02380 339668

Hayward Guitars
Stockbridge Rd
Winchester. SO23 7BZ
01962 850555

Nevada Music
12 Fitzherbert Spur
Farlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1TT
023 9220 5100

If you can't afford to buy your dream guitar:

The arts council runs a scheme called 'Take It Away'. This is a way to purchase your instrument and pay back instalments without paying interest. For more details phone 0845 300 6200 or visit

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